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Metanous covers the complete software development life cycle

We're experienced in...

C / C++ / MFC / WPF / COM / .NET / C# / WCF /  WinForms / ASP / ASP.NET WebForms & MVC / AngularJS / jQuery / JavaScript / Google maps & analytics / FHIR / Windows CE / Xamarin / HTML5 / ...

Full development cycle

At Metanous we do not only focus on writing the code. Of course writing good quality code is a large part of our job, but we pay as much attention to all other parts of writing software.

During a typical project we take care of the following tasks:

* Analysis (work flow, integrations, etc.)
* Wire frames
* Design (visual & graphics)
* Usability
* Continuous integration and automated builds
* Version management
* Unit, GUI, automated and load testing
* Installers
* Application development
* Application verification & validation
* Deployment
* Roll-out within your organization
* Follow up



.NET development on all platforms

On the technical front Metanous uses
the .NET framework to create its solutions.

We do so because we’re convinced that it offers us the most efficient way of building software on a wide range of platforms. The applications we used to create ran on Windows. But not anymore! The .NET stack now enables us to create awesome software on almost any platform. We focus on the solution that is best for your needs and adapt our software to that solution. Based on your business needs we can create a desktop/Server application (WPF/WinForms), a web-application (ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, jQuery, etc.), a mobile application (Xamarin on Android, iOS or Windows Phone/Windows 10) or a cloud based solution (Azure). Most of the time a software solution encompasses more than one of these platform/technology combinations. Finally, the .NET stack allows us to integrate with almost every other platform that is out there. We have a proven track record of integrating with financial applications, medical applications and devices, cars, back-end systems, and more.


Agile and open development

Metanous combines a thorough up-front analysis (we really need to fully understand what it is you want to achieve) with an agile way of developing software. We make intermediate builds available as soon as possible, make sure the priorities are revised often and work in a transparent way.

As software development often takes a lot of time, efficiency is crucial. Equally important is the way our software solutions are designed and built. Our software design strategy and software development strategy are focused on an agile and efficient way of working. We do this on all levels of the development process. From the automated build process, through the unit testing of our code up to the deployment of new versions. We make sure that each step of the process is reproducible and can be performed for each change the software undergoes (even the smallest changes). This ensures the quality of the codebase as well as the confidence that recent changes didn’t break any previously developed functionality.
As we work together very closely with our customers, we believe in sharing all the project knowledge right from the start. This ensures that you, our customer, doesn't become dependent on our knowledge for a particular project. Of course we want to keep working with you, but we want you to come back because of the value we bring, not because of the project knowledge we shielded from you. So do come back to work on more, bigger and more challenging projects!

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