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Eagle Eye

Monitoring solution for hatcheries

Eagle Eye is monitoring software for a complete hatchery and all proprietary Petersime devices installed in such a hatchery. It will alert the hatchery manager as soon as a problem occurs.


Metanous created a desktop application used for monitoring small to large hatcheries. As a large volume of eggs are present in a hatchery at any given time, it is crucial to have an up-to-date view on the complete facility, on each of the individual machines in the facility and on all HVAC devices. A large number of parameters need to be monitored (machine status, temperatures, air pressure, humidity, etc.). Additionally Eagle Eye allows the users to view graphs on all of the monitored parameters, import and export reports.

In order to provide the hatchery manager with a bird eye view on his hatchery Eagle Eye uses a graphical representation of the hatchery mimicking the real world set-up of each individual hatchery. The manager can zoom from the complete hatchery overview to each individual machine. For each zoom level an appropriate set of parameters to monitor are shown.

An extensive security model is built into the application. An extensive set of rules and roles can be used and customized. Finally, the complete solution is protected by the use of advanced security dongles.

  • Category: Industry, machine building
  • Date: 2012 - 2015
  • Client: Petersime n.v.
  • Location: Olsene, Belgium
  • Technology: C#, WPF, UbiKey
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