Windows based tablet application integrated with ultrasound probe

A user friendly, tablet based ultrasound imaging system for home monitoring (ultrasound IVF monitoring).


Sonaura is a platform for making sonograms at home during IVF treatments. The platform consists of a back-office allowing the healthcare professional to follow up on his/her patients and an ultrasound probe attached to a Windows based tablet. This tablet runs an application allowing patients to take sonograms in a patient friendly way.
The patient is guided through the different steps of the image taking process. All information is automatically transmitted to the backend system where it becomes available for the treating doctor. Both doctor and patient are automatically informed when either a new sonogram arrives or the doctor provides new information to the patient.

  • Category: Healthcare, mobile
  • Date: 2014 - 2015
  • Client: Fetihome
  • Location: Ghent, Belgium & Fort Collins, United States
  • Technology: C#, WPF, Windows Surface
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