How We Do It


We help in analysing, auditing and training


banking/insurance - industry/machine building - healthcare - entertainment - transport/waste management - entertainment


* Looking for feedback on your software architecture?
* Need help in setting up your development processes?
* Not sure how to deploy your software in complex and international environments?
* Want help in requirements engineering?

We mix this knowledge with our thorough understanding of the software development process using our agile way of working and the tools that facilitate this approach. To top it off we add our love for software development, project management skills and our drive to deliver projects on time. As software development is a complex combination of domain knowledge, technical skills, organizational skills, communication, project management, training, requirements, knowledge transfer and more, Metanous has created a software development process that combines all of these. This process is largely based on an agile methodology in combination with a healthy portion of gut feeling. We apply an agile way of working to every aspect of the software development process, not only to the coding part.



Having trouble with a software project? Not sure whether your codebase is in a healthy state? In need of a technical expert that will help you to talk to your customers, supplier, lawyer, etc. than please send us a message. We are experienced in arbitration, technical audits on architecture, development and organizational level.



At Metanous we study a lot! New technologies, knowledge domains, new trends, etc. We attend the best conferences in the world (Microsoft Build, Xamarin Evolve, etc.) to keep our knowledge up-to-date and to share this knowledge with our customers. Metanous can train your people in both classroom trainings and on-the-job trainings. We can provide deep technical trainings (C#, WPF, Xamarin) and more conceptual trainings (design patterns, software development organization, enterprise architecture and more).





So why should we select Metanous as your software development partner?