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Metanous specializes in custom software development within a number of sectors. We try to be a one-stop-shop for our customers. Depending on your project, we may fulfill a different role: sounding board, consultant, architect, developer, or all these roles combined.

How can Metanous help you?

Metanous develops custom software in close collaboration with our customers. Our technical expertise combined with our domain knowledge provide state-of-the-art technical and functional solutions that help your business move forward. Working with Metanous means: quality, teamwork, creativity, passion, responsibility and integrity.

Technical thinkers, digital doers: custom software with a personal approach!

oUR methodology

A tailor-made solution in 8 steps

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Initial workshop/brainstorm

To get a good idea of the needs of our customer and the requirements that the software platform must meet, we start each project with a brainstorming session or workshop. In this way we visualize the current situation and look for the best solution.



We look at the workflow to be automated by our software solution. By going through each step, the idea for the application takes shape.


Analysis & wireframes

We perform an analysis based on the collected information. This usually consists of three parts:

  1. Wireframes: functional description
  2. Architecture: technically elaborated architecture document
  3. Visuals: graphic design for the application, the mobile app or the web platform


Set up development environment

As soon as the analysis is completed, we start setting up the development environment. The build process, the follow-up of the development and the roll-out are done automatically as much as possible.



Depending on the technology used and the desired solution, our developers will work with front-end, back-end, mobile apps, integrations, and so on. We develop algorithms, measure performance and set up tests. We deliver the software in phases. In this way we can quickly adjust where necessary and we quickly arrive at a working prototype.


Quality control

With each iteration, the delivered code is tested. This is partly automatic, through unit testing, GUI testing and integration testing, and partly explorative. Only when a part passes all the tests is it made available.



As soon as all necessary features have been developed, all tests have been performed and the required integrations are functional, the new software is made available. Depending on the project, this can take many forms: adding in an app store, rollout within the organization, a new web platform and so on.


Monitoring & evaluation

After delivery, we always provide an evaluation moment with the customer. If desired, we can also monitor and maintain your new software solution.

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