Software advice

Metanous examines the software needs within your organization together with you. In doing so, we look at both strategic and technical issues. Our recommendations are not limited to theoretical advice, but also contain concrete solutions and practical tips.

Strategic advice

Our strategic consultancy is focused on giving you advice regarding software development and software integrations. Making the right technology choices is critical to any business.

Together with your team, we will set up a business or technology-driven digital strategy that will improve the functioning within your organization or the interaction with your customer based on optimized software. Our software engineers will guide you through this digital transformation and ensure an efficient implementation of the set strategy.

From sparring sessions to developing and rolling out a strong software strategy tailored to your business objectives, Metanous can provide the required support and knowledge.

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Metanous can help you with the following strategic consultancy topics:

  • Automate and digitize business processes
  • Defining and drawing out your software architecture
  • Determining requirements (requirements)
  • Change management and data migrations
  • New technologies
  • Software Development Methodology


In addition, we can also support you by providing training in the above subjects.

Do you want to organize a training on a technology such as Azure, Xamarin or Angular? Or looking for a partner for a workshop on continuous development or software design? Then you've come to the right place! Exchange of knowledge and sharing our expertise, that's what we stand for.

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Need advice on your software strategy?

Metanous is happy to help you with your digital strategy and the translation of your business processes.

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