The friendly CMS


Umbraco is a flexible, future-oriented and cost-efficient content management system.

A strong CMS built on our favorite technology

Umbraco is one of the technologies in which Metanous has built up expertise. When we have to realize a content management system integration in the context of a project, Umbraco is our go-to.

Umbraco uses the same technology stack as that on which we build our solutions at Metanous, which enables highly advanced integrations. Umbraco can also be rolled out smoothly within our Microsoft Azure solutions.


Why we like working with Umbraco?

Best content manager

Umbraco has a modern, fresh interface and is nicknamed 'the friendliest CMS'. Our customers can quickly deploy and manage their own content without a developer.

Ultimate creative freedom

Every project we create with the Umbraco CMS can be adapted to every need of our customers. The CMS gives us complete creative freedom.


With the Umbraco CMS it is easy to expand your website and stay within the same CMS. Because your business can grow over time and needs a more complex website.

Opensource & integrations

This means that with Umbraco we always have access to the source code. So you don't have to pay any license costs and we realize the most advanced integrations.


More information on how to use Umbraco within your project?

Metanous is happy to help you by using Umbraco within your digital strategy. Together we look at how we can help you build an integrated solution?

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